Center Vouchers

  1. Center Vouchers

Center Vouchers

Gift unlimited choices!

  • Buy in the center  or online: Available at Center management or online via our center website.
  • Choice: The voucher is available and can be redeemed in around 90 shopping centers with approximately 10,000 participating shops*.
  • Free choice also for the gift giver: The voucher can be loaded up to an amount of €100 and used to shop in any way you wish (shopping value: max. €150 per day and per person). It is possible to request the balance at any time (see reverse side of the voucher).
  • Credit card format: The voucher, which is no larger than a credit card, is available in a choice of five attractive gift envelopes.
  • Security: The voucher cards on a MasterCard basis guarantee a secure and smooth process from purchase to redeeming them.

    ​​​​​* As the provider of this special service, we charge a lump sum of €0.50 per voucher.

List of participating shops (click to show)

The center voucher is currently redeemable in the following stores*:

  • Apollo Optik
  • Bijou Brigitte
  • Camp David | Soccx
  • Denn's Biomarkt
  • DLX
  • Douglas
  • Elbenwald
  • Expert Media Mobil
  • Galeria
  • Game Stop
  • Hansen Obst
  • Herbacin
  • Herrenmoden Mock Casual
  • Herrenmoden Mock Classic
  • Hussel
  • Jens Koch
  • Juwelier Martin
  • Liebeskind
  • Mc Paper
  • Nanu Nana
  • Outfit Röder
  • Pandora
  • Pluspunkt Apotheke
  • Rewe
  • Rossmann Drogerie
  • Rusty´s Burgers
  • Salamander
  • Saturn
  • Snipes
  • Studioline Photography
  • Subway
  • The Body Shop
  • Vodafone

* Subject to changes at any time

Further information about the center voucher is available in the General Terms and Conditions.